Patient Advocate For You was formed to address the lack of a patient centered approach to Healthcare. The best, most efficient cost effective model for care coordination is a third party independent Nurse Advocate. 

The most important strength of Patient Advocate For You is its original, knowledgeable approach to improving healthcare outcomes utilizing the tremendous resource of experienced  registered nurses.  Patient Advocate For You represents a fundamental shift in our approach to healthcare, a creative process to help prevent medical errors and improve health literacy while increasing a patients’ access to all possible therapies. 

As an advocate, educator and guide through a fragmented health care system, the RN patient advocate can accomplish what others generally cannot. Independence is the key – Improving the healthcare system with a patient-centered approach is the driving force behind Patient Advocate For You.


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Patient Advocate Company Helps Families Struggling To Manage Parents’ Declining Health

When mom’s dememtia begins to overwhelm, Patient Advocate For You is an option for help.



Now, Gauthier uses her nerve and determination to push for her clients when they’re hospitalized. If a hospital is recommending a visiting nurse agency that it owns, and she thinks a different agency would be better, she speaks up. If an elderly client isn’t getting an aide to help him or her walk while hospitalized, she pushes. When a nursing home resident with dementia ends up in the ER after a fall, and is in four-point restraints, she complains.MARA LEE

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Patient Advocate

An except from one of our many client stories
“There were issues with staff not wanting to move her and also taking her food tray leaving it on her table where she couldn’t reach it then taking it away before she could finish her meal. She was hungry whenever her son, family or I went to visit. She had lost 14 pounds in the first 10 days being there.”

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Patient Advocate
Sharon Gauthier RN MSN President/Founder

“We believe as Registered Nurse Patient Advocates our actions are guided by knowledge, inquiry, passion and collaboration to assure patients and families receive individualized care strategies that are evidence and consensus based, timely and safe”



Our process is simple. Available 24/7 first contacting PAFY will access you to someone who listens to your story. In doing so we are able to quickly assess what your needs are and share our thoughts. We will then set up a meeting with all involved. We will assess and prioritize your needs providing you with a clear vision on first goals and how we can achieve outcomes. We track our progress throughout the case while communicating frequently with all parties involved.

“Our process is unique and complete”


Though the services that we offer may vary greatly on the setting and situation, we are always focused on the advocacy of thinking about the best interest of our clients through the use of care coordination. We pride ourselves for the high standards that our nurse advocates are holding unto. Regardless of the issue or situation that our clients are experiencing, the nursing advocates that we have are always confident that they will be providing same standards for attaining excellence. 

“We can help you navigate all aspects of healthcare”

  • <p><strong>daughter is concerned with her father’s health stating he had two strokes in the last two years</strong></p>

    daughter is concerned with her father’s health stating he had two strokes in the last two years

    After speaking with them for a few hours we prioritized their needs. First was the need for someone to manage their bills.

    When asked the husband indicated he couldn’t do his bills anymore, stated he had problems concentrating and understanding what he reads. This is new to him in the last year after his stroke. He also indicated when he had the mild stroke at home they called the physician and…

  • <p><strong>94 year old female lived alone, her son is in California. She need help getting out of the ER</strong></p>

    94 year old female lived alone, her son is in California. She need help getting out of the ER

    She remained in the facility for two weeks with the assistance and care of hospice nursing and passed away with dignity and comfort

    She is a tough woman with her own mind and didn’t want any interventions. She had already lost her license after a car accident and was frustrated with being “locked” into her home. She is an antique dealer and jewelry dealer who fancied going to the casinos and gambled.

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