I have no doubt my life was saved because of Patient Advocate For You, My wife and I are both retired pharmacists and we had no idea how complicating our healthcare system was.

Joseph Klish

Retired Pharmacist/Client

Patient Advocates for Healthcare/Obamacare

Navigating today’s Healthcare System as a patient or a family member is difficult, confusing and puts the patients health at risk. Millions of Americans suffer due to a healthcare system that treats patients like an unfortunate liability instead of the only reason it exists.

The term Patient-Centered Care has become a very popular buzz word in recent years while the actual care has been in decline.The single guiding principle is simple. In every aspect of healthcare all decisions, considerations and actions begin with the best interest of the patient.

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An ongoing interactive multimedia documentary about navigating healthcare as a Registered Nurse Patient Advocate. This is part of an ongoing effort by Patient Advocate For you to implement change to healhcare by communicating issue and implementing solutions.
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CLIENT STORIES:  Providing Peace

Providing Peace

Providing Peace Providing Peace Through Healthcare Advocacy A son in California needed assistance for his elderly mother living alone in Connecticut at the age of 94. She was in the ER and needed to transition home. Her daughter was here with her but had a poor...

CLIENT VIDEO:  Hospitalization and Medication Errors

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