Retired Pharmacist+Hospitalization=Medication Error

Almost 1 in 5 medication doses administered in hospitals is given in error

I have no doubt my life was saved because of Patient Advocate For You, My wife and I are both retired pharmacists and we had no idea how complicating our healthcare system was.

Joseph Klish

Retired Pharmacist/Client

Navigating today’s Healthcare System as a patient or a family member is difficult, confusing and puts the patients health at risk. Millions of Americans struggle with these and many other issues with healthcare due to a broken system that does not put the patients needs first.

  • Need help determining if a loved one has dementia and how to manage their care and maintain well being?
  • Are you a concerned Daughter looking for a place for Mom that’s feeling overwhelmed options? 
  • Do you or a loved one need help finding the right doctor and getting an appointment? 
  • Are you being ignored by healthcare professional and providers?


The needs of the patient come first 100% of the time


The term Patient-Centered Care has become very popular in recent years; yet most healthcare entities provide no true patient-centered care on any level.  Years before the term “Patient Advocate” or “Healthcare Navigator” were being used we have been coordinating care for patients and families starts with the patients needs. Many of todays care coordination services, patient advocates, nurse navigators and geriatric coordinators are all tied to a lager healthcare entity. Therefore the needs of the patient can never truly be put first. We are a company consisting of Registered Nurses who have only one job. Coordinating the best and most appropriate care for their patient.


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CLIENT VIDEO:  Hospitalization and Medication Errors

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Providing Peace

Providing Peace A son in California needed assistance for elderly mother living alone in Connecticut at the age of 94. She was in the ER and need to transition home, her daughter was here with her but had a poor relationship with her mother and a significant diagnosis...

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America’s healthcare system is in the midst of true revolution, an industry wide fundemantal shift in the approach to patient care is rapidly gaining momentum. We will be speaking with some of the industry leaders about what they feel are the biggest issues facing patients and how they are working towards better solutions with a patient-centered approach. We will also be asking the questions that repeatedly go unanswered due to the intimidating culture that exists in many areas of healthcare.


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