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Sharon Gauthier MSN/BSN/RN/CGM

Sharon Gauthier MSN/BSN/RN/CGM


It’s often a matter of patients just not knowing what they don’t know.  This is where an advocate can step in and make all the difference in the world

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Patient Advocate For You | Healthcare Simplified

Company History:  Patient Advocate For You (PAFY) was founded in 2008 by a registered nurse Sharon Gauthier. Sharon went to nursing school late in life with a grown family and a sick husband. With the knowledge of a spouse who was living through the maze of the healthcare system and experiencing first hand, even as a clinical professional, the confusion of caring and lack of communication; she decided to start a company that would support not only the patient but the family and the system itself. “First entering the healthcare system with what was virtually unheard of at the time; as an independent patient advocate; was nothing but challenging. After many years of working with and collaborating with providers and institutions there now is a better understanding of why everyone needs a patient advocate.

”As the healthcare system has evolved into a business and continues to have challenges in continuity; the need for someone to be a cheerleader for the patient who enters in the healthcare system becomes more and more important.”

Family members are often confused with what to ask, who to ask and where to go. We provide a personal patient centered service that manages all of those questions with expertise and efficiency. Our award winning service is available 24/7 365 days per year.  We are a unique provider of guidance and expertise not available anywhere else. We hire only the best, well rounded, seasoned registered nurses with 20 years or more of experience. Our ability to navigate the system, and micro manage the population of patients and families who need that support, supersedes any entity that exists . Our patient advocates are committed to integrity and total transparency in the conduct of our practice. We consider these our guiding principles that drive our service.

“I will continue to refer Sharon every opportunity I get. If you or anyone you know has ever been in a hospital or nursing facility, you know an advocate is absolutely necessary. I can tell you, you will want Sharon advocating for you, your family or friends.”

Joe Petrowsky

Owner, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc

“Sharon is a trail blazer in RN Patient Advocacy. Her experience as an RN and her entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to those iRNPAs that have come after her. She is extremely passionate about her role as an RN Patient Advocate and will exceed expectations for individuals and families that hire her.”

Mary Aime-Juedes RN, BSN, IRNPA

CEO/Owner, RN Patient Advocates of Scottsdale, PLLC, PRIME for Health, LLC

Our Process: Our process is simple. We are available 24/7. When you first contact PAFY  you will access someone who listens to your story. In doing so we are able to quickly assess what your needs are and share our thoughts. An experience patient advocate will then set up a meeting with everyone involved. We will assess and prioritize your needs providing you with a clear vision on first goals and how we can achieve positive outcomes. PAFY tracks all progress throughout the case while communicating frequently with all parties.

Our process is unique and complete

Our registered nurse patient advocates assess the situation and develop a plan of care that addresses all the issues that impact your life to help improve quality and create balance. Our collaborative approach with the patient, family and healthcare system is proven to work with clients who have trusted us for years. It means you will be well supported by an expert registered nurse patient advocate at all times through all issues.

When you or a loved one are going through a medical crisis having someone be your voice when you can’t is what we do. A registered nurse patient advocate is the best choice when you need someone to understand the system, labs, medical language and testing. It’s all about you and your needs with consistent personal care coordination from an expert navigator available to you and your family at all times. Not in charge of you but in charge of the details.

While you navigate your illness we navigate the system. Your family can embrace you as a family member because we are advocating for you. While you and your family are managing your illness we manage the details of your healthcare. You don’t have to worry about physicians talking to each other, medication changes, or transitioning to home or rehab. Your doctor will be updated and informed so your care will continue after discharge.  We’ll handle all of the details so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The role of our patient advocates is to enable clients and client communities to actualize choices and access resources available to make those decisions.

Our Mission: Patient Advocate For You was formed to address the lack of a patient centered approach to Healthcare. The best, most efficient and cost effective model for care coordination is a third party independent Nurse Advocate. The most important strength of Patient Advocate For You is its original, knowledgeable approach to improving healthcare outcomes utilizing the tremendous resource of experienced registered nurses.  Patient Advocate For You represents a fundamental shift in our approach to healthcare, a creative process to help prevent medical errors and improve health literacy while increasing a patients’ access to all possible therapies. As an advocate, educator and guide through a fragmented healthcare system, the RN patient advocate can accomplish what others generally cannot. Independence is the key – Improving the healthcare system with a patient-centered approach is the driving force behind Patient Advocate For You.

Patient Advocate For You LLC BBB Business Review
Patient Advocate For You LLC BBB Business Review

“I have worked with Sharon for the last 4 years while she has had her business and I have seen the wonders she does. One case in point we were working with this family who had a father in the local area that was not getting the care he needed and the kids were all out of town, living in California and Pennsylvania, they called me frustrated and asked for some help I pointed them in Sharon’s direction and with her help and assistance they we were able to move him to a more appropriate community with the 24 hour care he needed to be successful, he blossomed as a result of this and at 95 years old for him to “live again” this is truly a blessing. Sharon (Patient Advocates for you) is very matter of fact and very professional and all I will say is that she is the 1st person I would call if and when I or a family member or friend is hospitalized, in need of care, or in trouble in their present environment. All people not just Seniors should have a Patient Advocate. It will become a NECESSITY in the ever changing medical times regarding Hospitals and Medicare. I actually have many other examples as well as we have been recommended many seniors to her in the last 2 years that I found to be in need”

Michael Kolesar

Community Sales Manager , Atria Hamilton Heights West Hartford, CT


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