an industry built on revenue and little integrity


Eldercare housing, assisted living communities, independent communities and memory care units all in this industry are very competitive, not new news but not in a GOOD way; not only with other communities but with each other.  There are a few that know how to get along and work together then there is always that person who is TOXIC no matter where they go.

That's what I witnessed this week. One community slandering another, getting people above who are friends to intervene. Playing games behind the scenes. Throwing others under that bus we all know so well. Shameful.

Not only did they bully their way into the decision but they slandered the other community to get their way.  Everyone will deny it of course. But it happens often and the administrators above. Where are they? Do they know??  I think they are very aware but I also think that the ONLY let me repeat the ONLY thing the owners, administrators and micro managers above the community directors are interested is revenue. Period. They care about revenue. They care about how much money they are making. Period.

As I watch the turnover in these communities; all the communities, independent, assisted living and memory care; with good people who try to do good things it only confirms one thing. Money. They don't care about the resident or the families or anything that happens to them they care about money. I've seen neglect, stupidity, failures, lack of compassion, uneducated staff throughout the industry. When your paying people minimum wage you get minimum wage staff. It's heart wrenching as I advise and consult with families where the best places are to go only to see there aren't any, there is no best anywhere.  Same issues, same problems in all of them. Interest in getting them in and then everything that is promised goes to the wayside even if someone is watching over them. They lie to you. Yes they lie.

I refer many people to independent settings, assisted living communities and memory care. I am challenged to find one that actually provides what they say they provide and is without a very big problem with the resident. Many don't find out what is going on because they aren't in the communities and they trust. Like the healthcare system I say don't trust. Make sure you are actually getting what they said you would get  and that your loved one is being taken care of. They will tell you what you want to hear and that I will tell you it is NOT what is going on.

It's sad that I even have to write this but I've become so disgusted with the care that I see and little accountability, only excuses. There is never an excuse when a resident is harmed, none.