Expertise is worth something​



When I first started my nursing practice there were many skeptics that were my peers. How could I start my own practice as a nurse? Why would I want to start my own business? What business did I have starting my own business? All questions that came my way.

I went into nursing as a profession. I worked hard to get through and obtain a license to practice nursing. After several years experience and many more years obtaining further education I felt I could absolutely start my own practice. I practice as a nurse. It doesn't mean that I will take your blood pressure; take care of your wound; manage your medications. It means I have the expertise and education to assist you and your family navigate a very complicated disorganized system. That is exactly what nurses; registered nurses are best at. This was long before the term advocate; navigation and other terms being thrown around were being used. This concept came to me over 14 years ago. Out of frustration of watching patients rotate through the hospital sometimes week after week and families confused as to what to do when they were there and when they left. I thought to myself; I bet people would pay to have an expert registered nurse help the with those issues. It worked. We're going into our tenth year of doing just that. Crisis intervention, coordination of care and transitioning is our expertise. Long before the system thought it would be a good idea to look at how their patients transitioned through their system to home or rehab.

So I have a business that I made lots of mistakes developing; put in many hours organizing and mature into a well oiled machine. We do it right and we do it well.

I get paid for these services. Clients come to us most time desperation of trying to manage the situation themselves and we jump in immediately to help. Whether it is 2 am in the morning or 10 pm at night we're there. We have contracts that clearly indicate what our fees are. What we do and what we don't do. We are clear what our policies are and we deliver.

We have employees that depend on us. Depend on getting their paycheck. We have the responsibility as a business to provide general liability insurance, workman's compensation, professional liability insurance and the benefits we help pay for. It doesn't just go into my pocket. Some people think having your own business is just that you are taking all the money you charge. It doesn't work that way.

I want to remind everyone that this is a profession not a hobby. It is a well thought out practice that took years to get together to work well as there was nothing like this out there at the time I put this concept into practice. and we get paid for the services that we provide. If you are so happy to find us and fix the problems you should be responsible to pay the bill.


Sharon Gauthier RN/MSN/CGP/CDP