5 things you need to plan


1. Your Living Will

What is it? It's what you want to happen when you no longer have a voice regarding your healthcare wishes. You want to be on a ventilator? You want to have your heart re-started? You want a feeding tube? YOU have the right while you are LIVING to decide your wishes. Treat or not Treat? Those are your choices and no one elses'.

2. A Will

This is where you decide who gets your "stuff". Your money, your house, your jewelry, your car your stocks. Whatever "stuff" you have is your decision and it will be honored.


If you want to preserve your memories start writing a journal and keep up on your pictures and your personal videos. There are people out there that can help organize those memories to be preserved for your legacy.

4. Funeral

You can plan your own funeral. Yes indeed. Plan ahead don't leave that for your families. Go to your local funeral home and have a discussion ahead of time and pay for it. Give your family the gift to not have to worry about that at the end. I know it's not comfortable to discuss but it is a great gift to you and your family. Know what you want. There is a great tool called the  you can access that helps with the discussion


Heal no whatever issues there may be within your family. We see problems every day of families arguing and not talking to each other. Don't leave any regrets to your family to resolve on their own. Know that everyone truly does love each other and usually it is a small senseless thing that started the problem.



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Sharon M. Gauthier Rn/MSN/CGM

Certified Dementia Practitioner