Always at your service

 Who can you talk to when you need help? PAFY. 

Who can assist with navigating a complex system? PAFY

Who can answer your questions about care? PAFY

Who can help you stay in your home safely? PAFY

Who can help you understand how the system works for and against you? PAFY

Who can help you stay out of the hospital? PAFY

Who can assist with transitioning out of your home to assisted living? PAFY

Who can be your voice when you don't have one when hospitalized? PAFY

Who can be your conservator of person when you need one? PAFY

Who can help you develop your living will? PAFY

Who can help with medication management? PAFY

Who can get you a practitioner who can do home visits? PAFY

Who is available 24/7/365 for advise and access to clinicians? PAFY

Who has licensed nursing staff available for live in and hourly? PAFY

Who has Certified Dementia Practitioners? PAFY

Who can help with a crisis? PAFY

Who do you call PAFY?


844-PAFYRNS Any time!!!


Brought to you by PAFY, Inc. an independent Patient Advocacy Care Coordination and now Home Care Nursing Practice. We're Unique and available!! So Call Us.

Sharon Gauthier RN/MSN/CGM

Certified Dementia Provider