Questioning salaries of non-profit hospitals

Non profit hospitals receive many different amenities for their status of non profit.  Recently there has been discussion on why the salaries and bonus' are so high while the same hospital is aggressively advertising to the public the cuts that the state is making to these same hospitals and how it will affect the people.

Let's make this clear. This is an opportunity for the hospitals to use nursing, once again as a tool to scare people that nursing will be cut because of those cuts from the state. YET nurses without a doubt are the most unhappy staff members in the system.  They will be the first to be let go and then used as the front line defense of why they are let go because of lack of funding.

Now let's talk about what the decision makers.

Top 10 Highest-Paid Hospital CEOs in Connecticut

May 13, 2014

Connecticut's  has released its latest list of hospital executive compensation, and nine CEOs earned more than $1 million.

Connecticut is one of the few states that publish nonprofit hospital executive pay. The most recent list covers compensation for fiscal year 2014.

 (from Office of Healthcare Access St. of Ct.)

 Doctors are now an unhappy bunch due to again a system that bought them out to improve costs but their demands on these practices to be driven by quantity and not quality has created much of the problems they have. Seeing 30 patients a day leaves little time to actually find out the problems they may have.

Hospitals, in my opinion, have never been pro active.  There were few discussions of preventing infections in an aggressive way; primarily caused by staff usually physicians who did not wash their hands until medicare came back to say they would no longer pay for infections that a patient received while inpatient.


Hospitals  didn't do much about patients returning week after week with the same problem. After emptying their beds to make room for more patients even though those patients weren't ready to be discharged it didn't matter; they got paid when they returned for the same unresolved problem.


Then again medicare said "wait a minute" people keep coming back with the same issue and we're paying you again to do what you should have done in the first place. So now they created Accountable Care Organizations which were supported with funds from Medicare to try and stop re-admissions. Has it helped?? Not much. It created yet another bureaucracy that physician practices have to pay into with again little staff or the correct staff to manage patients so they don't return back. This article will explain those hospitals that are being penalized due to re-admissions.


So now the legislation is looking at salaries. Congratulations to the Public Health Committee.  Why?  Because they realize as hospitals are crying poor from one side they are paying their executives exorbitant salaries plus bonus' while they are laying off the most important staff in the hospital. .....THE NURSES.


Here is the legislation; please follow up and see how many of the hospitals attorneys show up followed by the Connecticut Hospital Association who will come to their defense.  The problem is not the workers who save lives every day the problems are the  people  who aren't involved with the care but the revenue and don't seem to have a clue what goes on in the life of a nurse or the emergency department and all other departments as they work very hard to save patients from the very system the public should trust.

I congratulate the  looking at this issue that has been public discussion for a while and certainly a discussion among staff members at the hospitals they work at who may haven't gotten a raise,  had their hours cut, have been punished for advocating for their patients, who have had their day care closed on hospital property (Hartford Hospital) that impacts their working lives and have been mandated to work hours that are unsafe and unrealistic.

Did you know that when you are hired as a nurse it may be for a 36 hour job BUT BUT BUT if the patient ratios are down they will ask you to NOT come in and in order to get paid for those hours they need to use their vacation hours OR not get paid at all.  IS THERE ANY OTHER INDUSTRY THAT DOES THIS???

To all my peers please keep doing what you do so well.  With little credit for your work, remember we are still the most trusted profession in the nation.