Are sales goals reasonable in healthcare?



I keep hearing this commercial during the day by Wells Fargo apologizing to all the customers that were taken advantage of during the "sales goals" that were put on their staff that created a avalanche of unethical behaviors in order to reach those goals.

Probably too little too late after they were pulled into congress and chewed out by Senator Warren on how despicable they were for what they did to consumers. Here's her video speaking to them. 

As I listen to the Wells Fargo apology that includes sales goals have been taken away and people will get their money back; I got to thinking what about healthcare? Do Sales Goals belong in healthcare? I believe there are goals set by many to achieve getting customers. Whether those customers are patients in the hospital or patients in their now owned practices are sales goals reasonable? Reasonable beyond all costs?

Is it reasonable to expect your sales force in an industry like healthcare to go after as many patients as they can regardless of how? Putting others out of business? or Taking business from others? This goes on all the time. Unethical, Unacceptable, Unbelievable.

I don't know what the answer is. What I do see is an industry trying very hard to get all the customers they can. Customers with health insurance and customers that think they need them. Divisions built around any and every disease state or symptom possible to get those people to come and see them and only them because they tell them they are better then anyone else. Putting others out of business? Lying? Yes lying goes on all the time. I hear it every single day. What are people to believe? Is it okay to try and attract people to the emergency department by having billboards that have you download their app to know how long of a waiting time you have? Why are we encouraging people to come to the emergency department?

A lot of questions about how ethical, again, the industries are who at any cost need to meet those "sales goals". Perhaps they could learn something from the mistake that Wells Fargo made. And who will make them accountable??


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Sharon Gauthier RN/MSN/CGM

Certified Dementia Practitioner

President, PAFY, Inc.