No likes to talk about it but...

It took me this long to find out that there was a foundation in Connecticut. I'm not sure why I didn't know about them but I am glad I found them.

My husband has Chron's Disease. I had no idea what this was almost 49 years ago when we first got married but I knew how debilitating it was. Joint pain cramps frequent trips to the bathroom; it consumes your life. No one knows HOW. But today they know HOW TO manage it better. 

These two diagnoses encompass the same kinds of symptoms. Trying to figure out which one is what was difficult for my husband. Back then everything was called "colitis". It was the catch-all term for these symptoms. He found out the distinction through a great gastroenterologist (physician whose expert is the digestive system). They found it by a biopsy of the inside of his colon. Not much seemed to be known about the disease Chron's back then. The treatment was a well known anti inflammatory medication; Prednisone.

Now prednisone is one of those good drugs and bad drugs. It's good for inflammation. It's bad for sleeping, mood and your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys. It releases cortisol in the morning for everyone. When you take extra it starts to keep your own release of this valuable hormone that you need for many functions in your body.

Education is important;, especially with a chronic disease. Once diagnosed with either ulcerative colitis of chron's disease there is no cure. Managing the symptoms becomes a priority in your life for relief. Relief from frequent bathroom trips, relief from pain and relief from having to obsess with all of the above.

The Chron's and Colitis Foundation is your resource. These are people who have the disease or have family members. This is the organization that invests in research and supports those who just need a helping hand.

We're beyond much of what the organization can offer as my husband has had several surgeries and now has an ileostomy. (bag on his side) He hasn't been bothered by it for years but suffered immensely through many agonizing surgeries.

If you need help, if you need education, if you need information this is the organization to go to. Below is their website. 

Hoping this helps those who are suffering. I can't thank them enough for what they do and I'm helping to get the message out because I can.

Sharron Gauthier RN/MSN

Board Member Chrons and Colitis Foundation