The PAFY FAMILY CARE PLAN™ is designed for aging individuals who may be in need of assistance with medical or healthcare in the foreseeable future.  This is ideal for those with no nearby family members to assist should an emergency occur.


The PAFY FAMILY CARE PLAN™ makes the selected individual, and their caregivers (e.g., spouse, sibling, children, etc.), part of the PAFY network of healthcare professionals and caregivers.  With authorization to assist in medical treatment, and a medical history on file, PAFY is on call 24/7 to step in should the covered member experience a healthcare need or emergency.  (See the list of PAFY Services offered on the website.)


At the PAFY FAMILY CARE PLAN™ member’s home, the emergency room, online or over the phone, PAFY nurses and caregivers are available to provide any/all of the services offered.


24/7!  PAFY FAMILY CARE PLAN™ members can contact PAFY online or over the phone to pre-plan assistance (e.g., upcoming doctor visit), ask questions about medical care or conditions, or, in the event of an emergency, immediate assistance.


All members will have a PAFY FAMILY CARE PLAN™ to be kept in their wallet with a notification for Emergency Personnel to contact PAFY should they be called to assist a member.  In addition, the families of members will have all PAFY direct contact information.


There is only a one-time $25 initiation fee to become a PAFY FAMILY CARE PLAN™ member!  (If the Member or a family member changes their mind, a full refund will be given if PAFY is notified of cancellation in writing within 30 days of registration.)  No further charges will be made to the Member until/unless the member utilizes PAFY services.  (PAFY requires a valid credit card authorization be submitted at the time of registration for future services rendered.)


In addition to the peace of mind knowing that PAFY is looking out for the Member should a question or need arise, and in addition to the future services PAFY can provide identified on our website, members and their families receive the following incremental benefits:


  • Should an emergency occur, PAFY can be onsite at a moment’s notice with an existing medical history and HIPAA authorization to assist and ensure the member receives the best medical care possible;
  • PAFY communication with the member-identified primary family support person to ensure all relevant medical information is conveyed to the family as immediately as possible, and, any information the family may have relevant to treating the member is conveyed in real-time to the treating medical personnel.
  • 5 email questions per member family with guaranteed 48-hour response. (Please note, there will be a small charge for answering questions after the initial five.)
  • A monthly PAFY electronic newsletter covering relevant topics for our aging population;
  • Invitation to join the PAFY Facebook site where Sharon Gauthier regularly posts Blogs about current issues affecting healthcare;
  • No additional costs incurred by the member until PAFY services are utilized.

The PAFY FAMILY CARE PLAN™ is one more way PAFY Makes Healthcare Work For YOU whenever you need it!


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