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We came to meet the daughter who hired us due to health concerns of her elderly parents health. The daughter is concerned with her father’s health after having two strokes in the last two years which effected his thought process and his strength. The wife’s concerns are with her GI problems after having surgery a few years because of an infection. Observing that they live out in the country away from any centrally located physicians, grocery stores or hospitals they also had expressed a concern about where they live now and wanting to move. While there we noticed a pile of papers on the floor next to the table. When asked; the husband indicated he couldn’t do his bills anymore, stating he had problems concentrating and understanding what he reads. This was a new symptom that started occurring after his last stroke. He also informed us that when he had a mild stroke at home he and his wife called the physician who directed them to go to the hospital, to which he refused. He followed up with his doctor but no testing was done. He is also concerned with his ability to drive as he does all the shopping and errands.  He sometimes is too tired to drive. He is able to manage his daily activities (dressing, bathing, cooking) but could use someone to drive once in a while.

Story Details

Client  Elderly couple
Issue  Husband had a stroke, Wife had GI problems
Situation  No longer able to care for themselves
Outcome  Regular managed care

After speaking with the couple for a few hours we prioritized their needs. First was the need for someone to manage their bills. We connected them to someone who manages finances for people and is bonded and insured. He can also provide power of attorney skills if needed. We then connected them to a real estate agent who manages high end housing as they were clear that they wanted a single home with areas for both of them to live separate but together. We also connected them to an agency to provide a homemaker who can drive to appointments and to the store.

Within three weeks he had another stroke (mild) and ended up in his local hospital. When arriving we assisted with transferring him to a larger hospital with a stroke center. We followed him to the stroke center where he was admitted for three days. He was tested extensively then released with follow up with neurology and cardiology. He received VNA care while home.  The VNA provided physical therapy and occupational therapy. His follow up with neurology indicated concerns with his ability to drive and agreed to obtain further testing. He also had a follow up with cardiology. Together we determined we had to have his medication for blood thinning changed to a more manageable medication that doesn’t need serial blood work. We called the pharmacy to find out the cost then had the prescription sent to the pharmacy where they picked up the medication. We continue to follow up weekly on his progress with moving and medication management.  He is waiting for tests on whether or not he will be able to drive.

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