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Explaining Medical Options

Sometimes it seems as though physicians speak a foreign language. Before you can make a well-educated decision on proper care and treatment, you must first have a clear understanding of the diagnosis and treatment options.  PAFY can help decipher “doctor-speak” and explain the medical options in laymen’s terms so that you can clearly understand the disease state as well as options for care and treatment both within your network and nationwide.

Researching Treatment Options

Frequently, there are many treatment options for a given diagnosis.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know all of them before deciding a course of action?  Let PAFY research treatment options available for your particular diagnosis and identify the facilities, both in-state and out-of-state, that provide those treatments. Knowing all your options is just one way PAFY Makes Healthcare Work For YOU!

Finding Medical Specialists

Need a specialist?  Not sure how to find the best one for you?  Let PAFY use its experienced staff to identify and recommend the appropriate specialists both within and outside your insurance network.  We will also provide a comparison of relative costs so you can make the best decision for your loved one’s healthcare needs.

Emergency Care Management/ Crisis Intervention

Unfortunately, we never know when tragedy will strike a loved one.  PAFY expert registered nurses are available 24/7 to provide on-site crisis management within the community or in the Emergency Room. PAFY is credentialed at every hospital in the State of Connecticut allowing us access to clients in all areas. When an emergency strikes, let PAFY RNs Make Healthcare Work For YOU on site.

Medical Management

A glaring weakness in our healthcare system is when a patient is released from a care facility and the ongoing treatment plan is incomplete, unclear, confusing and not properly followed.  This frequently results in the patient having to return to the facility for incremental care instead of recovering.  PAFY RNs develop appropriate care plans, organize and coordinate all medical care needs for in-facility patients, patients transitioning out of a facility, as well as patients in the community or in short or long term care facilities.  PAFY provides ongoing management and support, including medication management, if needed, to ensure the patient returns to health as quickly as possible.

Geriatric Assessment

A PAFY Certified Dementia Practitioner will conduct a two-hour, in depth evaluation of cognitive and functional status to provide a holistic overview of needs with recommendations and care plan included. This is conducted as prescribed by The Aging Life Care Association, a nationally recognized organization for geriatric care managers and the National Case Managers Association.

Finding Primary Care Providers

Sharon Gauthier, with over 30 years experience and expertise with primary care providers within the State of Connecticut, can provide Primary Care Provider recommendations with the specific needs of the client in mind, including geriatric specialties, geri-psychiatric specialties as well as general practitioners.

Physician Oversight

PAFY has cultivated relationships with Physician Groups throughout the State of Connecticut to help keep patients in their homes and out of the hospital whenever possible.  Registered Nurses provide real-time information to physicians and can immediately implement prescribed treatment, preventing delay and worsening of the condition.

Medication Review, Preparation and Administration

PAFY provides licensed staff to review and reconcile prescriptions from multiple physicians to ensure nothing is contraindicated. We also provide medication management from discharge to home ensuring continuous correct dosing. PAFY licensed staff are trained to administer all medications including diabetic management and are capable of training patients and families as needed. We are also trained to manage hospice care allowing families to rest yet still provide symptom management for their loved ones.

Pick-Up Prescriptions

As mundane as this sounds, proper healthcare requires taking medications at the prescribed times.  A patient’s inability to get to the pharmacy to retrieve a prescription should not be the cause of a compromised recovery.  PAFY will ensure that prescriptions are picked-up and delivered to the patient in a timely manner.


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