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Family Counseling

Who will take care of Mom/Dad when tragedy strikes or they begin having difficulty taking care of themselves?  Can you interrupt your life when a crisis occurs? Long term care insurance may cover the cost, but who will provide the actual care?  Taking care of an injured or disabled loved one can be a full time job. PAFY can help you prepare for these eventualities in advance and/or step in with hands-on support on a moment’s notice when a crisis occurs.

Medical Caregiver Research

Who are the best Physicians for my loved one’s condition? Which are the best Facilities for care? We have over 25 years of experience working with Physicians and Facilities throughout the State of Connecticut with access to National Ratings and Physician background assessments.  Let PAFY help you find and choose the best Medical Care possible for your loved ones.


  • Specialists
  • Primary care
  • Psychiatry
  • Geriatric specialties


  • Short term rehab
  • Assisted living
  • Cancer organizations
  • VNA’s
  • Medical Specialists
  • Hospitals
End of Life Plan Counseling

It happens to all of us.  Take control of your life until the very end.  Don’t leave your children/loved ones with the burden of not knowing your wishes for end of life care/management. PAFY can assist you in making all your advanced health care directives.  We will ensure all your questions are answered and will even help you find/choose experts (e.g. Attorneys, Long Term Care Insurance Agent, etc.) to prepare the necessary paperwork for you.

Referral Network

Sharon Gauthier has developed a network of resources over the past 25 years to ensure PAFY clients have access to the best possible providers, from physicians and medical facilities to attorneys and insurance agents.  The is how PAFY Makes Healthcare Work For YOU!


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