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A son in California needed assistance for his elderly mother living alone in Connecticut at the age of 94. She was in the ER and needed to transition home. Her daughter was here with her but had a poor relationship with her mother and a significant diagnosis of bipolar disease. The son called to ask for our help.  We went to the hospital ER to see what the problem was. She had some urinary issues but nothing that would admit her to the hospital so she went home. She is a tough woman with her own mind and didn’t want any interventions. She had already lost her license after a car accident and was frustrated with being “locked” into her home. She is an antique and jewelry dealer who fancied going to the casinos and gambling. Her gambling issue was far more extensive than her family knew. It wasn’t until her son was working on transitioning her into Medicaid that he realized his mother had taken a reverse mortgage and owed a large amount of money. If the house were to be sold she would be left with nothing.

Story Details

Client   94 year old female
Issue  Memory issues
Situation  Unable to care for herself
Outcome  Transitioned to hospice

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We helped the son retrieve the documentation he needed to provide the attorney we connected him to in Connecticut.   Finding the appropriate documentation was time consuming. We contacted several different agencies to get the identification she had misplaced. This included her social security card, medicare card and identification from motor vehicles. We then came to the conclusion with the son there would be no need to further intervene with her as she was going to live the way she wanted and didn’t want anyone bothering her. I left the case open with the agreement that there could be an event that happens and when it does we could provide assistance for his elderly mother with her transition through which ever system she ended up with, probably the hospital. We did contact elderly protective services and they arrived to have “Suzie”, not her real name, convince them she was fine.
A year later we were called by the daughter to advise us that her mother went to the hospital with mental status changes. She was admitted with a urinary tract infection but never really rallied. She then was transferred to a lower level of care in a sub acute facility and did poorly with physical therapy losing her strength and her ability to eat or drink. She had a prior history of bladder cancer and it is believed that the cancer reappeared and caused her pain. Her pain is being managed, we discussed hospice with family who came from their homes to a meeting we arranged with the hospice team and the social worker at the facility. She had one of her best days when they were all there, smiling and somewhat coherent. She remained in the facility for two weeks with the assistance and care of hospice nursing and passed away with dignity and comfort. Helping the family with navigating both the healthcare system and hospice was both an honor and a privilege.
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