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Remote Family Members

Providing proper care for a loved one from a distance, whether that distance is an hour or a plane ride away, is difficult at best and sometimes impossible.  PAFY provides real time support for loved ones whose caregivers are too far away or simply too busy with real life demands (e.g., jobs, children, etc.) to do it themselves 24/7. Families can rely on PAFY to lighten the load by organizing and implementing safe plans of care to maximize their loved one’s quality of life.

Family Mediation

When the care of loved ones is involved, emotions can run hot.  It is not unusual for there to be disagreement among family members regarding care or even diagnosis.  It is when health care issues arise that our loved ones need their family to pull together, not be driven apart by disagreement.

PAFY provides professional, independent, third-party mediation for families having difficulty finding consensus while addressing the needs and concerns of a loved one.

Conservatorship of Person

PAFY frequently serves as the court-appointed Conservator of the Person.  However, individuals can also request/agree to Conservatorships.  This is particularly applicable for individuals without family members to make decisions regarding their needs when incapacitated. PAFY provides for all aspects of personal and medical care.  All care and treatment is documented by PAFY and supervised by the court system.

Health Care Agent

PAFY is available to be assigned as a legal healthcare agent in the event of a crisis or traumatic event.  As a Health Care Agent, PAFY represents patients who are incapacitated and in urgent need of knowledgeable healthcare representation.

Expert Witness

Sharon Gauthier has 25+ years experience in all aspects of healthcare from bedside nursing to trauma coordination, management and administration.   She is available to provide expert review of records and appear as an expert witness as needed.

Family Healthcare Needs Counseling

PAFY is a major proponent of making sure every family has plans in place should unforeseen health tragedy occur.  Health and Long Term Care Insurance may cover the financial needs, but what about the practical, day-to-day management required, not just of healthcare needs but bill paying, shopping, housecleaning, etc.?  In this capacity, PAFY will sit down with families and walk them through a series of questions identifying the various needs of the family should the worst-case scenario occur, and help them prepare a plan of action for their family to follow in such an eventuality.

Find Patient Advocates in Other States

Many of us were not born in the State of Connecticut and may have aging family members “back home” in another state or who have retired away from family.  PAFY, through its professional resources, has the ability to find Patient Advocate organizations in other states to help care for distant loved ones and provide peace of mind to those clients here in Connecticut.


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