Treatment Services

Medical Appointment Accompaniment

Some patients are unable/unwilling or simply not aware of information that would be beneficial for their physician to know before prescribing treatment. PAFY nurses are available to attend all medical appointments to ensure all relevant information is relayed to the attending physician to ensure proper diagnosis and care.  PAFY will also relay the appropriate diagnosis and treatment information to patient families to ensure constant understanding and proper healthcare management.

Single-Point Care Coordination

Multiple providers, multiple treatments, conflicting medications….  Our healthcare system does a poor job of ensuring coordinated care among providers.  PAFY provides knowledgeable, Single-Point Care Coordination of all aspects of care to keep patients safe at home and/or in a facility. The RNs at PAFY become the information hub for all providers maintaining up-to-date records of medications, treatments and social issues that may impact the care of their patients, including medications, treatments and social issues that may impact the care of the patient.  This is one of the main ways PAFY Makes Healthcare Work For YOU!

Care Plan Development/Implementation

PAFY personnel will develop and implement a holistic plan of care individualized to the patient’s needs creating accurate and timely systems to keep patients safe and able to perform at their highest functioning level. PAFY Care Plans go beyond healthcare to include tasks, treatments, medications, travel, housekeeping, cooking, shopping, and all around needs to not only keep patients safe, but happy and healthy, too!

Hospital Discharge/Plan Development

PAFY will collaborate with the hospital discharge planner, whether the patient is being discharged to home or a facility, to ensure the discharge plan is comprehensive with appropriate medical records and medication reconciliation to effect a safe transition.

Premiere, Hands-On Caregivers

PAFY personnel will always work with your existing caregivers.  However, PAFY also screens and hires its own Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to serve as caregivers with particular expertise in dementia and psychiatric training.  Our LPN caregivers are available on an hourly or live-in basis. Our caregivers are supervised by a Registered Nurse with oversight of all aspects of care.  Caregivers are carefully screened, vetted and trained employees of the company.


PAFY can provide transportation for shopping and medical appointments as needed.  We can also provide a travel companion for patients who may have a need for nursing services while traveling by airplane to visit family or for medical care.


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